Sweet Single- “The Shade” by Metric

I have a pretty long list of bands that I’ve known of for a while, but never got around to listening to their music. Metric is one of those bands. I was on Spotify a couple weeks ago and saw that Metric released, “The Shade.” I started listening to it and became obsessed with beat instantly. This single infuses an electronic poppy sound that’s easy to listen to. Now, I’m not really familiar with any of Metric’s previous work so I can’t say if this song is consistent or completely different from their past music. I will say that if they release another single similar to this one, I’ll be more inclined to check out the full album set to be released later this year (there is no confirmed album title or release date yet).

*Excuse me as I go listen to past Metric albums and ponder why I didn’t listen to them before*

Tuesday Tunes- 5/26/2015
Sweet Single- "Money All Around" BY HOLYCHILD

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