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DSC03012Some daily motivation courtesy of my new mug.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to, “make it happen.” A simple phrase, that intrigued me enough to buy the mug pictured above. I have a lot of ideas. From music to business related things, I would like to think that I have a more innovative mindset than most. Now all these ideas don’t become reality…in fact, very few do.

As I’m trying to figure things out, I often wonder if some of these ideas I have are “good” enough to make into something real. I’ve always told myself that if I don’t find a job post graduation that I’m going to make my own. That idea stemmed from more of my entrepreneurial side (or maybe millennial side) of wanting to actually create and do what I want for a living. I think that especially in the music industry, things are becoming more DIY and they don’t always rely on big companies to make it happen.

I really like that aspect because it makes my ideas more attainable.

The other day I literally woke up from a dream where a *genius* idea came to mind. I scribbled what I remember from said dream into my notebook. Sparing the details, I actually think this idea can work. I don’t want to sit on it too long or else I might just tear it apart to the point where the initial concept is gone. One thing I specifically wrote down in my notebook along was,

Make it cool. Don’t overthink.

As I hash out the details of what I need to do, there’s a sense of worry that comes along with it. Putting yourself out there is always a scary thought just because failure can be associated with it. If this thing doesn’t work out…will people notice? Trying to overcome this, I’ve been seeking inspiration in various ways to give me that final “push.” Casey Neistat is a filmmaker who also makes YouTube videos and he’s been vlogging his daily life for a while. Recently he made a video about his upcoming business yet he didn’t reveal the name, concept or really anything about it. He did disclose the backstory of it and what he was going through at the time. Something about this video made me want to do more with my concept.

Hopefully there will be more details to come in the next few weeks…but I guess I just have to make it happen?


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