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Friday Tunes- 7/17/15

Today is my first time posting a “Friday Tunes!” If you’re not aware, Fridays are the official days for new music to be released as opposed to Tuesdays. I thought this wouldn’t be a bad idea, but I’m not sure I like it. I say this because with music being released on Tuesdays, you had the rest of the week to read more about it on various blogs…really soak it in if you will. With the Friday move, I feel a good portion of people will forget about the releases once Saturday/Sunday come.

**still trying to find a better name instead of Friday Tunes**

With that mini rant being said…check out the singles and album I’m listening to down below!



  • “Daily”– Mulherin
    • I LOVEEEEEEEEE this duo consisting of brothers Parker and Marshall Mulherin. I’ve been onto them for a while…definitely keep an eye out for these guys.
  • “Elevate”– Kid Astronavt
    • Love the direction Jon a.k.a. Kid Astronavt’s solo music is going in. You may know of him as the former leader singer of Air Dubai (still sad about the departure)
  • “Twist My Fingaz”– YG
    • I was infatuated with YG last November when I brought him to perform at my college. He’s vibin’ out with this new single that makes me excited for his upcoming album, Still Krazy.
  • “New Americana”– Halsey
    • The crooning “ooh ooh” in the chorus fills me with chills and nostalgia…mainly because I too was raised on Biggie and Nirvana
  • “Happy Song”– Bring Me The Horizon
    • BMTH has gotten a lot of attention from this new track and strays away from past recordings. I actually really enjoy it. The almost industrial rock influenced track brings an arena anthem that still gives off the loud, enticing sound BMTH is known for.
  • “Secrets”– State Champs
    • The band just announced their newest album, Around The World and Back Out, to be released via Pure Noise Records on October 16th. I’m really hoping this album can top their previous work, The Finer Things. That album was too solid…don’t let me down SC!

I create monthly playlists on Spotify featuring all the songs I’m loving/trying to love! All the singles and songs from the albums mentioned above are all in my  playlist titled “July ’15.”

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