Slow Life

Why are they shaking their heads?

We’re stuck in slow life

“Slow Life” – Of Monsters and Men

I’ve been telling myself I needed to make a new post for the past two weeks. On this Sunday evening, I’ve finally taken/forced myself to find the time to write. Ever since I’ve gotten back from Delaware (Firefly/Big Barrel recap is possibly still in the works), I’ve been trying to readjust.

Readjust to the new.

In the whirlwind of last week, some opportunities have opened up for me. One of them in particular will require me to “break” out of my mold in a not too exciting way. I have to be social (I know, I know). In any workplace it’s important to get to know your co-workers and boss. In my abruptly new situation, this may be more difficult than anticipated.

I’m trying to keep the morale high because I know that this opportunity is bound to open another and bigger opportunity. Remember when I felt as though I’m living in a haze of sorts watching everyone else live their life? I still feel like that and I’ve dubbed it: slow life (hence the OM&M song reference).

I’m not necessarily upset or too aggravated that I’m in ┬áthis “slow life,” but it’s difficult to kind of know what path I’m supposed to take. One thing, a phrase rather, that is almost a mantra of mine is to search for purpose. Search for that thing you’re supposed to do. Search for something that makes you feel alive. I search and still am searching for my purpose. Career-wise, I’m confident I’m supposed to be working in music. Concert venues, festivals, touring, management, record labels…I know that I will find my place in this industry somehow. I’d say the next month or so will be the “test” to see where some of these opportunities take me.

An immediate goal I have is to start writing about music again! There’s so much I’ve missed and want to write about. Some restructuring may happen to as majority of all new music will now be released on Fridays instead of Tuesdays now. Don’t worry, the only newsworthy thing you missed out on this week was Years & Years released their album, Communion. Give it a listen, it’s great.

Now, some Sunday motivation for not only you, but me.


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  • Elyssia
    July 14, 2015 at 9:54 PM

    I’ve found that no matter what age you’re at, you’re constantly searching for purpose. I think you should consider yourself lucky that you’ve got a better idea of what you want than most people older than you.