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Adventures in Greenville

I’m feeling a bit reflective this weekend and essentially wanted to re-live last weekend. Myself and my friends Jasmine, Justin, and Free decided to surprise our good friend Tiffany and visit her in North Carolina. The days leading into the trip, we attempted to make sure Tiffany wasn’t busy all weekend. Once I got off work that Friday, I met up with the crew and we rolled out.

Despite the rain, and me not getting any say in the music choices, we made it to Greenville. When we first called Tiffany…she didn’t answer. We texted her…and still no answer. It was 9pm at this point so we assumed she was asleep. After waiting in the car for a good 15 minutes, Tiffany answered, and we ran to her door. As we literally ambushed her and the apartment, we got settled in and went out for dinner.

The next day, we roamed around Greenville and ECU’s campus. Tiffany took us to her job, we got brunch, and realized the whole town is one big circle (literally).


Snapchat Chronicles courtesy of Jasmine


Myself and the ECU Pirate..I was forced to take this picture.

A good portion of that Saturday afternoon was spent putting together Tiffany’s new dining room table. I must say I felt very handy and crafty once it was all put together. This summer, I have dubbed myself a “freelance mover and furniture assembler.” The trip was short but a good one. Since finding times where a majority of all of my close friends are together is harder these days, I find it really nice when we can spend time together. I will be going back to visit Tiffany at the end of the month for my birthday weekend with more friends and I’m very excited.

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