New Start?

August 16, 2015.

That was the last time I wrote a post on this blog….my bad. If we’re being honest, I’ve felt really uninspired the last couple of months to write. Coming into this new “phase” of life, it’s been more difficult adjusting to how things are now. Of course a few exciting things have happened (my birthday, my new job, etc.), but there’s still this weird feeling I have about where I am. These feelings have thus affected things I *used* to enjoy, such as writing in this blog. However, I really am trying to get back to where things are. Some things may be adjusted but I will start writing regularly again (this time for good). A LOT of good music has been released the past couple of months and I still make my monthly Spotify playlists of tracks I’m into!

To kind of re-start things, I’ll be doing a Throwback Thursday post the next few weeks to reflect on some cool times that have happened recently. If you’ve stuck around, I thank you.

If you’ve reached out to me these last few weeks, I thank you.

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  • Jahara Stevenson
    September 23, 2015 at 9:38 PM

    I love this. And I love you. Your realness and openness is appreciated. I totally get a true sense of “you” and I love your writing stylesl.