Mind Over Matter

Mind over matter

Does it matter to any of us?

At this moment, I’m resonating a lot with this lyric. It could be because I saw Young The Giant perform last night (which was awesome btw). It could be because yet again, I’m thinking about…life. It’s hard to explain but lately I have in the search for balance. A balance where I’m not exhausted all the time, a balance where I feel content with my work & personal life. I would like to think that I’m the type of person to always push themselves in order to do better. Lately, it seems like everyday I’m pushing myself to do better. I strongly believe in self care and making sure that one is taking care of themselves first before everything else. It’s just hard to find time to yourself when you have so much to do…or you’re too tired to do anything. See where I’m going with this? Mind over matter. I’ve kind of interpreted this as take control with what’s going on with yourself first before worrying about everything else. Let’s hope some balance is found soon.

***Sidenote: This song is incredible live. Ya girl got very emotional when YTG performed it ***

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