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“Ooo I like this,” is a common phrase I’ve realized I say a lot. 9/10 it’s in regards to music. If you follow me on Spotify, you know I make playlists every month. More recently, I want to start curating “theme” specific ones. Now, this playlist is a bit all over the place BUT it has a common theme: I like all of these songs (ha).

A collection of new and older songs, these tracks are ones that I’ve either 1.) discovered recently or 2.) have been listening to a lot lately. Shoutout to Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlists where I found majority of these songs.

Since it is now summer (and last year I made a summer playlist), I’ve listed down below some summery-tracks that have been on repeat for me!

Be sure to check out the full playlist too!

Summer Is Over (And I Wanna Leave You Satisfied)
Panic! At The Disco- Death Of A Bachelor (Album Review)

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