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All Summer Sixteen

So there was this one time over the summer where I got the opportunity to see the love of my life, Drake, two days before my birthday. This would be my third seeing Drake but the excitement was still very real. One of my best friends, Jasmine, surprised me with tickets as a gift for our birthday (hers is 4 days before mine). When I found out, I was in California for Coachella, and told all the people I was working with,



The tour date we attended was in Atlanta at the Philips Arena. We caught an early flight and arrived in Atlanta the day of the show. After getting checked into our hotel (and attempting to recover from the night before..), we explored a bit of the city, and then the time arrived to head to the venue.

Getting into Philips Arena was an experience itself. Streets were blocked off, major traffic, police trying to weave their way in and out of the the traffic…it was a lot. Thankfully we got to the venue at a decent time, spent too much money buying Drake merch and went to our seats.

Somehow Jasmine was able to get us 5th row, center floor seats and the stage felt oh so close to us.


Before the show, before we lost our minds

We caught the opening acts Roy Woods and dvsn. Both were pretty good. Jasmine chatted up the father and daughter duo next to us and we even got free drinks (hey). As the time grew closer for Drake to start his set, it felt as though it was my first time seeing Champagne Papi.

Looking for re-ve-e-e-e-e-enge

Looking for re-ve-e-e-e-e-enge

This concert is easily one of my favorites I’ve attended this year. From the beginning, there was so much energy, stage production was lit (literally), and for the most part I was content with the set list. I love all the songs Drake performed but I couldn’t help but wish a few more older hits were thrown in there. I think we *maybe* got 45 seconds of Crew Love and that wasn’t enough AT ALL.


Look at this man

Future’s set was in the middle of Drake’s and they would go back and forth performing. Even though I’m not the biggest Future fan, I will say, hearing March Madness in an arena that big was NICE.

When talking to Jasmine prior to the show, she mentioned she wanted to go to the Atlanta date because there were bound to be surprise guests. She wasn’t wrong. Young Thug, Usher, AND Gucci Mane alllll came out and did a couple songs each. Who knew I’d see Usher perform in 2016?

By the end of the show, I lost my voice, was exhausted from screaming and jumping, but it was amazing.

The rest of the weekend was a mix of recovering from Drake, still screaming because we saw Drake, checking out more of Atlanta, and slightly celebrating my #JordanYear.

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