A couple months into 2017 and I’ve finally have a better grasp on what I want to accomplish this year. Constant conversations helped fade some of the doubts I had within myself. I’ve noticed since the start of January, I had fallen off on goal setting. Of course, I had thoughts on what I wanted to do, however I wasn’t actively pursuing any of them. There wasn’t a specific reason I can pinpoint as to why… it just did. Within the past couple weeks, that has thankfully been changing. Something recently has reignited a spark, a drive, that I had been missing. I’ve been trying to refocus.

Refocus on my abilities. Refocus on my goals. Refocus on this point in my life.

It is my #JordanYear after all! There have been such good memories that have come from this year already and I want to continue living for those moments and making the best of life thus far. Granted, there are still some things that aren’t ideal going on in my life right now, but I have been really trying to, “accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative.”

One thing I do not want for what’s to come this year, is to get “stuck” again. When I say this, I mean get stuck in my old ways of letting my anxiety, emotions, etc. get the best of me. There’s a song by The xx that comes to mind when writing this. In “Replica,” Oliver Sim sings a verse that goes,

25 and you’re just like me

Is it in our nature to be stuck on repeat?

I interpret this as will I break out of my comfort and seek what I want, or will be stuck on repeat of this cycle of thinking about breaking out and never fulfilling it. With the way things are going… I will break out.

Let’s see where the next few months take me.

I leave you with a few songs that have put me in a good mood recently!

Hard Times
All Summer Sixteen

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