A Start

Hi. Happy New Year? Even though it’s February… I’m not sure where this will go, but I figured I would start writing. I just needed to do something. I want to create some goals. Things to work on that’ll overall improve my happiness. I want to get better. Trying to figure out these goals has proven a bit difficult. At times I can be indecisive, so narrowing specific things down in this situation is quite hard. I have ideas of what I’d like to do…but I’ve hit a wall when it comes to actually executing them.

“And I wonder… do you know what it means… to find your dreams”

Scrolling on Twitter had me stumble across this

I wonder and I’m searching for inspiration. I know I want to create. I want to convey. I want to influence.  I’m trying to start over each day.  With the start of the new year, it’s clockwork for people to announce their resolution or goals. I did have a list last year, but I’m struggling to compose one for 2019. I almost still feel like I’m in 2018. Lagging behind, trying to figure out where to go next. Granted, at this same time last year my room was covered with lists and drawings and “where you do you want to see yourself in a year” handouts. This time around, it feels like I’m tying up loose ends from last year. The concepts of letting go and moving on are two of the most challenging things I’m dealing with lately. I had a two-week trip back to VA over the holidays, and it helped put some things in perspective for me. The time home was much needed and being around my family and friends just made my heart warm. I hit the 6 month mark of being in L.A. a couple weeks ago and that is still so wild to me. A place, a city I now live in still feels so foreign to me. Again, I know it’ll take time to adjust but moving across the country by yourself is so tough. Starting over, or finding a new start is one I know I needed, but its impact has hit me hard. Now, I know deep down better days are ahead and things won’t seem as dim as they do now so I have to power on. I try to show up everyday as best I can.

So here’s to a start.

More content & a new look to the site coming soon.

More things to look forward to soon.

Lastly, some music that’s been on my mind.


Take the Odds, I'll Keep On Dreaming
La La Land

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