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All Summer Sixteen

So there was this one time over the summer where I got the opportunity to see the love of my life, Drake, two days before my birthday. This would be my third seeing Drake but the excitement was still very real. One of my best friends, Jasmine, surprised me with tickets as a gift for our birthday (hers is 4 days before mine). When I found out, I was in California for Coachella, and told all the people I was…

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Summer Is Over (And I Wanna Leave You Satisfied)

First, I’d like to thank Walk the Moon for inspiring this blog title.  A week ago I turned 23 (#JordanYear). Weird. Thinking back to last year around this time, I’ve definitely made some strides in continuing this goal of being “something” in the music industry. I’ve definitely improved on taking care of myself in a time, in a place, where it can be hard to wake up every morning. I also made eye contact with Drake at his Atlanta show…

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Ooo I Like This

“Ooo I like this,” is a common phrase I’ve realized I say a lot. 9/10 it’s in regards to music. If you follow me on Spotify, you know I make playlists every month. More recently, I want to start curating “theme” specific ones. Now, this playlist is a bit all over the place BUT it has a common theme: I like all of these songs (ha). A collection of new and older songs, these tracks are ones that I’ve either…

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