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The Neighbourhood- The Neighbourhood (Album Review)

Right before my obsession with The 1975, The Neighbourhood introduced to me the thematic element of a band being seen in black and white. From their first music video, “Female Robbery,” the band has been rarely seen “in color.” Even during their live performances, they pretty much always used dark and dim lights on stage. Unlike, The 1975, The Neighbourhood has kept this up throughout the last five or so years. I was a fan pretty early on, when “Sweater…

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Top Albums of 2017

Similar to last year’s list, if there was anything good about the wreck of a year 2017 was…it’s the music! Some anticipated releases for me in 2017 exceeded my expectations and had me constantly repeating albums from start to finish. Check out some of my picks from this year and if you’re into it you can listen to my favorite tracks on Spotify and Apple Music playlists I curated! I See You– The xx Listening to The xx is an experience. There’s…

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