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Turning 24 In Sonoma

I turned 24 on August 28. Crazy, right? Upon reflecting on this past year, a lot of growth and change has happened. Some of which was hard to deal with, but that’s life. I have felt really good lately and am excited to see what this year brings! I knew I wanted to go to California to visit my brother and sister-in-law. I haven’t seen them since their wedding last October and was due for another trip! Every time I…

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All Summer Sixteen

So there was this one time over the summer where I got the opportunity to see the love of my life, Drake, two days before my birthday. This would be my third seeing Drake but the excitement was still very real. One of my best friends, Jasmine, surprised me with tickets as a gift for our birthday (hers is 4 days before mine). When I found out, I was in California for Coachella, and told all the people I was…

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Summer Is Over (And I Wanna Leave You Satisfied)

First, I’d like to thank Walk the Moon for inspiring this blog title.  A week ago I turned 23 (#JordanYear). Weird. Thinking back to last year around this time, I’ve definitely made some strides in continuing this goal of being “something” in the music industry. I’ve definitely improved on taking care of myself in a time, in a place, where it can be hard to wake up every morning. I also made eye contact with Drake at his Atlanta show…

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That One Time…I Turned 22 and Saw J.Cole

Let’s take it back a few weeks shall we? One of my good friends, Jasmine’s, birthday is very close to mine. Hers is August 24th and mine is August 28th. Last year for my 21st and her 22nd birthday we had a joint celebration that was one of the best ways I’ve celebrated my birthday in my short span of existence. This year, we knew we wanted to go something together again. Ideas of going out to dinner, hanging with…

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