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A couple months into 2017 and I’ve finally have a better grasp on what I want to accomplish this year. Constant conversations helped fade some of the doubts I had within myself. I’ve noticed since the start of January, I had fallen off on goal setting. Of course, I had thoughts on what I wanted to do, however I wasn’t actively pursuing any of them. There wasn’t a specific reason I can pinpoint as to why… it just did. Within the past couple weeks, that has thankfully been changing. Something recently has reignited a spark, a drive, that I had been missing. I’ve been trying to refocus.

Refocus on my abilities. Refocus on my goals. Refocus on this point in my life.

It is my #JordanYear after all! There have been such good memories that have come from this year already and I want to continue living for those moments and making the best of life thus far. Granted, there are still some things that aren’t ideal going on in my life right now, but I have been really trying to, “accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative.”

One thing I do not want for what’s to come this year, is to get “stuck” again. When I say this, I mean get stuck in my old ways of letting my anxiety, emotions, etc. get the best of me. There’s a song by The xx that comes to mind when writing this. In “Replica,” Oliver Sim sings a verse that goes,

25 and you’re just like me

Is it in our nature to be stuck on repeat?

I interpret this as will I break out of my comfort and seek what I want, or will be stuck on repeat of this cycle of thinking about breaking out and never fulfilling it. With the way things are going… I will break out.

Let’s see where the next few months take me.

I leave you with a few songs that have put me in a good mood recently!

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Summer Is Over (And I Wanna Leave You Satisfied)

First, I’d like to thank Walk the Moon for inspiring this blog title. 

A week ago I turned 23 (#JordanYear). Weird. Thinking back to last year around this time, I’ve definitely made some strides in continuing this goal of being “something” in the music industry. I’ve definitely improved on taking care of myself in a time, in a place, where it can be hard to wake up every morning.

I also made eye contact with Drake at his Atlanta show on August 26th from the fifth row and realized life can’t be that bad.

As summer winds down, I wanted to reflect on some awesome moments that have happened these past few months. Majority of them are…concerts. What else would you expect? I’ve had the chance to see some of my favorite bands perform this summer and just haven’t had a chance to recap on them until NOW. I’ve also done some traveling and am convincing myself I need to move to California. The summer is always a weird time for me, but I am grateful for the people I’ve surrounded myself with that keep things fun and always give the best advice.

I’m excited for fall because everyone is touring, I’m going back to California, my brother gets married, JIMMY EAT WORLD IS RELEASING A NEW ALBUM, and it won’t be 90 degrees outside anymore!

It would only be fitting to mention some of the new music I’ve been listening to.

  • Frank Ocean- Blonde
    • The long awaited album is finally out. I listened to part of this on my flight from CA to VA and let me tell you…it was an experience.
  • Charlotte Day Wilson- CDW 
    • This EP is essential for listening to at night when you’re in your feels.
  • Travi$ Scott- Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight
    • La Flame is back & this album is gold.
  • Glass Animals- How To Be A Human Being
    • My favorite Oxford boys released their 2nd album that builds upon those eccentric jams I feel in love with on Zaba.
Snapchat chronicles from Jasmine & I's surprise birthday lituation

Snapchat chronicles from Jasmine & I’s surprise birthday lituation

Even though September just begun, a lot of music has already been released! Check out some of the tracks I’m listening to in the playlist below:

Posts on how Matty Healy is making me wear less black, everyone now knows who Twenty One Pilots is, and why Drake forever has my heart coming this week!


One Year Later

Posting this a day late, because adulting is difficult.

It has been one year since I’ve graduated college. One year full of ups and downs as I tackle on the music industry, continue to grow as a person, and simply live.

It’s weird to think that it’s been a year since I’ve walked across that stage and entered the “real world.” In the past 365 days I’ve gotten a job in the industry, worked 5 music festivals, and more recently have started taking on larger projects at my job. Being so driven and passionate for this industry takes a lot out of me. I hardly go out and when I do, I even surprise myself I have the energy for it.

Like most people my age starting these “entry level” jobs, you are overworked and underpaid. For me, I know I have to keep pushing. I’ve always described my version of success not by a title, but by a feeling. Working in music, I want to be able to walk out into the crowd at a venue, the crowd of a music festival and have peopled excited for live music. Those moments of happiness when people see their favorite band perform, discover a new band, and even interacting with one is what I want to bring to people.

The moments I’ve had going to shows, talking about music, and talking to my favorite artists are so special to me that it feels natural to want to bring that to others. In December, I got to briefly talk to an artist who I look up to. He asked me what my dream was in all of this. I explained to him how I want to influence the way live music is presented to people. He appreciated me working towards myself to make this happen. It’s those little things so keep this wild dream of mine alive.

I will admit there have been numerous times where I’ve doubted myself and my place in all of this. It gets really tough trying to prove yourself to people and impressing them with what you can do. Sometimes it feels like I’m so close to moving onto the next thing but every opposing force stops it. However, I will say I’m so glad to have a close supportive group of people who truly keep me going when it gets rough.

It can be difficult to put in perspective how much I’ve accomplished this year. Parts of it feel like a dream. I just came back from spending 3 weeks in the desert (Indio, CA specifically) working Coachella & Stagecoach. I used to joke about how I would help “run things” at Coachella a couple years ago and looking back at the past couple weeks is just wild to me.

As times are in an interesting place now in my work and personal life, I’m trying to be as optimistic as possible for what’s to come.


Throwback to when my grad cap was falling off but I stopped for a picture

I actually have no idea where I’ll be this time next year, but a part of me is really okay with that. In the immediate future..let’s hope within the next couple weeks I’ll start posting regularly again on here and get to work on time.


HELLO 2016

Originally intended to be posted around January 1…life got in the way so I now write this on January 17! With every new year, I try to be as optimistic as possible. This year I’m really trying to hold onto that. I expect some changes and possible new opportunities to come this year and I want to take them on head on. I really want to challenge myself this year and get to a level where I can be satisfied (for now at least).

I’m also really excited for the new music that’s to come in 2016. Kanye, Wet, Drake, St. Lucia, The 1975…the list goes on. Panic! At The Disco just released their newest album, Death of A Bachelor, this past Friday (1/15) and I *think* I’m on my 7th rotation of listening to the album. Speaking of music, I’ve decided to surround myself with even more music (if that’s possible) than before this year. I want to develop my writing about music, read more about the business and industry side of it, go to a bunch more shows/festivals, and make as many connections as possible.

Within my personal life, I want to take better care of myself. I’m still trying to figure out the cause of my sleeping issues and have slowly taken up yoga and now running to help ease this tension I constantly feel. Whoo for self care! When I’m not at work, thinking about work, or driving to work (ha), I hope to travel some. I’ll be going to California in October in my brother’s wedding and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m also a bridesmaid so the excitement is just off the charts.

Let’s hope 2016 is a good one.

I want to be everything I’m not- “King City” by Swim Deep



Mind Over Matter

Mind over matter

Does it matter to any of us?

At this moment, I’m resonating a lot with this lyric. It could be because I saw Young The Giant perform last night (which was awesome btw). It could be because yet again, I’m thinking about…life. It’s hard to explain but lately I have in the search for balance. A balance where I’m not exhausted all the time, a balance where I feel content with my work & personal life. I would like to think that I’m the type of person to always push themselves in order to do better. Lately, it seems like everyday I’m pushing myself to do better. I strongly believe in self care and making sure that one is taking care of themselves first before everything else. It’s just hard to find time to yourself when you have so much to do…or you’re too tired to do anything. See where I’m going with this? Mind over matter. I’ve kind of interpreted this as take control with what’s going on with yourself first before worrying about everything else. Let’s hope some balance is found soon.

***Sidenote: This song is incredible live. Ya girl got very emotional when YTG performed it ***